TDA Design Clinic

Solution Overview

The goal of the TDA Clinic is to provide Partner technical teams with a forum in which to discuss technical design ideas and issues with the technical team. The areas covered do not necessarily need to be regarding areas of KPSN design but can instead include all areas of Partner technology such as security, Local Area Network, user productivity tools, architecture, and unified communications.

The service should not be used to replace traditional consultancy but rather as preceding discussion in an area where a Partner does not have expertise, in an area where a Partner is experiencing issues, or for informal ratification of a Partner’s design.

The format of the design clinic is typically a 30- 60 minute (depending on demand) one on one whiteboard discussion between the technical representative (Technical Design Architect or Solution Architect) and the Partner’s technical representative. Where required, the team may call on their external subject matter experts to assist via conference call, but this cannot always be guaranteed.

Meetings will take place on a requirement basis and should be booked/requested at least five working days in advanced. Meeting requests should include a brief overview of the subject to be discussed.

Pricing of this service is based on the standard KPSN rate card for the applicable resource.

The following caveats and assumptions apply to this service.
•Meeting spots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
•No documentation deliverables will be provided.
•The team may not be able to assist on all areas of technology, but instead the service is provided as a best efforts service to assist where possible.
•The service will not replace traditional consultancy activities such as new Partner engagement and the KPSN TDA Forum.

If you would like to find out more about this or any other services please please visit the following link:  Contact KPSNA.
A PDF version of this information can be downloaded from the following link: KPSN Services TDA Design Clinic pdf.