Wide Area Network (WAN) Services

The foundation of KPSN lies in its connectivity services. Connectivity is provided to approximately 1,352 connected sites across and just beyond the boundaries of the county of Kent (including the unitary district of Medway).  Physical connection bandwidths range from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.

KPSN is an IP network (IPv4 and IPv6) and is divided into logically separated domains that provide secure isolation of one organisation’s traffic from that of another organisation.  An “Internet Exchange” provides controlled connectivity between these separate domains.

Internet transit is provided by Jisc with alternative general purpose Internet transit provided to support those applications whose traffic cannot, for policy reasons, be carried across Jisc.  KPSN also provides peering with PSN, N3 (via SECSU) and GSi services to meet the needs of various Partners.

KPSN also provides point-to-point layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity, and multipoint-to-multipoint layer 3 connectivity.  This is usually provided through further logically separated domains across the main network, although some layer 2 connectivity is supplied as dedicated point-to-point circuits.

Other Services