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  1. Join us for the KPSN Annual Conference 2024

    Celebrating the launch of our new contract

    Published 24 April 2024

    Ashford International Hotel
  2. Season's Greetings

    End of year message.

    Published 20 December 2023

    Seasons Greetings
  3. Kent Schools Update

    Published 8 December 2023


  4. KPSN Technical Group and Supplier Event

    Objective: To reconnect as a partnership, have an in-person Technical Group followed by a select group of suppliers presenting in the afternoon.

    Published 19 September 2023

    KPSN Technical Group and Supplier Event
  5. KPSN Re-Connect Event

    Tuesday 19 September 2023

    Published 23 August 2023

    Two cartoon characters greet each other
  6. Business Vision Live

    From Chris Carlisle, Business Development & Portfolio Officer, KPSN

    Published 16 May 2023

    Kent Business Vision Live event logo
  7. 3G Switch off could cause "digital poverty"

    Vodafone to switch off 3G network in June (From BBC News 11 May 2023)

    Published 12 May 2023

    drawing to represent 3G network
  8. Three Kent councils cut links with Chinese technology company

    News from Kent Online (Feb 2023)

    Published 11 May 2023


  9. Warning that Russian linked hackers threaten UK infrastructure

    From BBC News - April 2023

    Published 11 May 2023

    image of computer code on a pc monitor