Network Monitoring

KPSN WAN network monitoring

The Service

All KPSN circuits and infrastructure are in network monitoring, providing KPSN technical support staff and Partners with 24/7/365 support and diagnostic information.  

Partners are able to monitor their own circuits and analyse metrics including:

  • Circuit up/down events
  • Circuit and Interface errors and discards
  • Circuit utilisation for capacity management and trend analysis
  • Circuit and interface identification
  • Asset and firmware Identification

Partners accessing the monitoring platform are able to proactively corroborate events on their LAN to events within the wider KPSN WAN. This enhanced Intelligence can aide Partners wiht troubleshooting and knowledge gathering.

Who is this service for??

All KPSN connected sites are automatically added to monitoring; Partners’ access is  available on  request.

Want to know more?

Call the team on 03000 417736 or contact us and we’ll contact you shortly.