Commercial Internet

Managed Connectivity Services designed for public and private sector organisations within a commercial operation

The Service

Services include firewalls, web content filtering, mail security, 24/7/365 connectivity monitoring, resiliency options, cyber security and DNS, and IPSTAG management.

Commercial operations can have varied connectivity service requirements compared to those solely within the public sector.  KPSN acknowledges this and have developed a catalogue of Managed Services, allowing customisation of  a package of services to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Alongside our robust range of connectivity options, ranging from full fibre, FTTP and FTTC circuits, (alternative legacy options are available), we are able to provide resiliency options to help ensure your operation remains connected against a range of eventualities.

If your organisation is operating out of multiple locations, our private Kent wide WAN may be of particular interest, allowing you to share your resources across multiple locations, securely without crossing the Internet. 

With a public sector heritage, we take internet and WAN security seriously, with a wide range of options to help keep your KPSN connected site safe.  This is achieved with;

  • Managed Next Generation Firewalls
  • Web content filtering
  • Mail security services (removes malware, junk, zero day threats etc)
  • DNS security services
  • Remote access services for home workers
  • 24/7/365 connection monitoring and support
  • Connectivity provider management
  • Customer support
  • DNS and IPS TAG management
  • ITiL support environment with full change control processes
  • Bandwidths from 2Mbps to 10Gbps

All features are enhanced by our access to Government and local security agencies and knowledge sharing across the Partnership.


Want to know more?

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