IT Health Check

NCSC accredited CHECK ITHC Services

The Service

Organisations who connect to PSN connectivity (CRSl1) are required to undertake regular ITHC by an NCSC CHECK accredited Security provider.

KPSN connected sites have access to our accredited ITHC Services, which include:

  • External Penetration Test against your public facing services and firewall
  • Firewall security and rule base review
  • Internal testing (including patching, vulnerabilities, network security, wireless)
  • Full analysis report and risk assessment together with remediation advice

Partners are able to discuss any security concerns identified in the ITHC Report with their regular KPSN TDA and support staff - you will not be  on your own but supported all the way.

Who is this service for?

This service is particularly tailored for organisations which directly consume PSN connectivity (CRSl2), but also applies to Partners who don't.

Want to know more?

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