Joining Kent’s Public Services together using the latest innovative technologies to save costs
and improve IT service delivery across Kent


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The KPSN Partnership has:

○ 27 User Organisations

○ 1352 Connected Sites

○ 370,000 Users


  • “The KPSN Partnership has allowed Sevenoaks District Council to take advantage of products and services which ordinarily it would never have been able to afford.

    Because of the size of Kent, the negotiated discounts are of a size that small districts could not hope to match on their own.

    When combined with the various user groups, the networking and knowledge sharing is invaluable to myself and the team here at Sevenoaks.

    Combine this with the benefits of having a county wide LAN which reduces costs on call traffic then you have a powerful alliance which is difficult to beat.”

    Matt Mitchell, IT Manager, Sevenoaks District Council

  • “The KPSN network provides access to a shared infrastructure at reduced costs which is something we could not afford as a single entity; higher levels of resilience, out of hours support and monitoring, enhanced security and ready access to expertise and consultancy.  These benefits as well as the ease of collaboration with other KPSN Partners makes being part of the KPSN network particularly useful and cost effective.”

    Timo Bayford, ICT Technical Systems Manager, EK Services

  • “Since 2010, we have been taking in-house the operation of Janet regional infrastructures, in order to realise significant cost savings and to improve service. We joined KPSN against this trend in self provision, due to the value for many provided by the partnership.”

    Roland Trice, Deputy Director of Network Operations, JISC

  • “KPSN has enabled flexibility for Gravesham Borough Council.  Not only have we been able to consolidate our internet connection and inter-site links onto KPSN, but we have been able to take advantage of additional opportunities when they have presented themselves (for example; partnership links between Gravesham Borough Council and Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council; collaborating with central government electronically; sharing office space with the NHS; and Public Sector Roaming) without having to reengineer the network.  We have just added additional VRFs to the service.”

    Darren Everden, Service Manager (IT Services), Gravesham Borough Council

Public Service Network

The PSN is the government’s high-performance network, which helps public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

It unifies the provision of network infrastructure across the United Kingdom’s public sector into an interconnected “network of networks” to increase efficiency and reduce overall public expenditure.

The PSN is managed with the Cabinet Office where it is part of the Government Digital Service (GDS).

What is the Kent Public Service Network (KPSN)?

The Kent Public Service Network is a regional PSN providing high quality connectivity to all areas of Kent and Medway.  

It is a not-for-profit partnership governed by 24+ partner organisations including Kent County Council, Medway Council as well as numerous Borough and District Councils, and health organisations across Kent.

These organisations are joined together through a secure private infrastructure so that they can connect, communicate and exchange data across the regional network with the necessary security protocols.  This enables shared service delivery through a complete infrastructure that is compliant with central government standards and supports collaborative projects across the partnership at a reduced cost.

KPSN has increased ICT capacity, resilience and security to deliver faster, more accessible, and better public services to residents overcoming technological barriers to collaboration.

The Key to KPSN's Success
The key to KPSN’s success is through its governance model where the focus is on sharing knowledge and drawing on the expertise and experience of the KPSN Partners.

The KPSN Partnership has also been successful in enabling the de-duplication of connections into multi-agency buildings reducing the cost of connections and acting as an enabler for wider shared services.

The KPSN Partnership manages a £24m Contract with DUCL (a joint venture between Updata and Daisy) to supply connectivity services.   The KPSN Contract and extensive catalogue encompasses all future ICT network, security and other infrastructure related services. This joined-up approach maximises buying power to achieve value for money.

Who can join KPSN?

KPSN is available to:

  • Local and National Government.
  • Health Organisations.
  • Higher and Further Education.
  • Kent and Medway voluntary and community organisations.
  • Other local public services and Parish Councils.
  • Schools and Academies.
  • Emergency Services.

Private Sector organisations delivering public service in Kent may also use KPSN subject to review.