International Wifi services for academia

The Service

As one of the KPSN Wifi Services, KPSN Partners have access to the international Eduroam Wifi service via KPSN managed infrastructure.  Whichever mode of operation you require Eduroam service to be, KPSN can simplify the process, reducing the overhead of Partners requiring new or additional infrastructure or complex changes and costs.

KPSN Partners using common KPSN infrastructure can offer their visitors access to Eduroam Wifi Services, reducing administrative overheads in providing bespoke Guest Wifi accounts.  Eduroam users can simply connect transparently to the Eduroam SSID and be online,  safe and securely, within seconds without compromising your main network.

Who is this service for?

KPSN connected Partners who wish to provide Eduroam Guest WiFi Services or Partners within the academic sector wishing to enable their users to join the international Eduroam community and authenticate anywhere in the world displaying  the Eduroam SSID.

Want to know more?

Call the team on 03000 417736 or contact us and we’ll contact you shortly.