Public Internet Services

Solution Overview

The Commercial Internet service is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the KPSN that provides internet access via a pair of commercial internet feeds provided by the KPSN Supplier. The service uses private IP address space and sits behind a geographically separate pair of KPSN Supplier managed firewalls.

Sites and organisations using this internet connectivity option can do so either filtered or un-filtered. The filtered option uses a Lightspeed offering utilising a captive portal.

This service is designed to be used by KPSN Partners wishing to provide access to the internet for visiting members of the public.


Service Levels

Service Deliverables Minimum Service availability: 99.99%
Service Hours 24/7/365 (366 days in each leap year).

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A PDF version of this information can be downloaded from the following link: KPSN Services Public Internet Service pdf