Lightspeed Filtering

Solution Overview

Lightspeed Systems is an educational specialist provider of content filtering. Although educational specialists, rather than corporate focused, their product certainly has benefits for KPSN Partners.

The product offering is next generation content filtering which can accommodate the challenges of securing Web 2.0 access.

Features include:
•Comprehensive and accurate URL database with more than 1 billion entries grouped into education-specific categories.
•Daily URL database updates.
•Ability to create different policies based on user, IP, group, organizational unit, and domain.
•Mobile filtering to extend policies and protection to off-network users.
•Web zones to give administrators the ability to expand or contract internet access for specific assignments, periods, or classes.
•Lockouts to allow administrators to set abuse thresholds triggering an internet lockout.
•Customizeable block pages.
•Multiple layers of anonymous proxy detection.
•Flexible filtering for thin clients.
•Peer-to-peer application and file-type blocking.
•Safe Search.
•Ability to accommodate even the heaviest traffic loads, up to 10Gb, without hindering performance.

Lightspeed is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and this element of traffic filtering is inherent within all policies at all times, as an intentional non-configurable feature.

Appliance Category
Standard Technology/Product

Lightspeed Systems

Bottle Rocket Appliance


Lightspeed Systems

Rocket Appliance


Lightspeed Systems

Rocket 10Gb Appliance

Service Levels

Web Filtering Service Resilient
Service Description Web Content Filtering For Client Devices accessing internet resources
Service Deliverables Minimum service availability: 99.99%
Service Hours 24/7/365 (366 days in Each Leap year).
Minimum Catalogue Service Term One Year.


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