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What is Govroam?

In an ever more flexible, resilient and collaborative public sector, staff need to connect to the internet and to systems at their home organisation, in multiple locations, using any device – whether they’re managers, members of the emergency services, or people in multidisciplinary teams. Govroam, short for Government Roaming, is a secure private Wi-Fi network exclusively for public sector staff enabling seamless connectivity.

Public sector staff can access the Govroam network provided by any participating organisation, using a single, securely-authenticated sign-on managed by their own organisation.

Visiting staff can access any Govroam-enabled guest network in the same way, using their own sign-on credentials, reducing the time spent managing guest accounts.

Jisc, the owner of the national Govroam service has more information about Govroam and its benefits on the Jisc govroam information page.

Govroam in Kent

KPSN and its Partners have now deployed Govroam at over 400 sites across the County.

An original implementation by KPSN saw 316 public sector sites across the county go live with Govroam including:

  • Council buildings
  • Fire stations
  • Libraries
  • Adult Education, Childrens, Youth, and Family Centres
  • a Castle
  • and a Theatre

Following the initial implementation more KPSN partners have added their own sites to Govroam to now include:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Mental Health support sites
  • Healthy Living Centers


The image below is a Google map showing the location of GovRoam wifi hotspots around Kent. If you have any problems viewing this information and would like to know more about Kent Govroam sites or an alternate format please contact us.

The GovRoam App

Jisc is now pleased to be able to offer The Govroam Companion, an interactive map application showing active GovRoam venues around the UK. It is available for free from both the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store and should be compatible with all current iOS and Android mobile devices.