Email Security Services

Solution Overview

The KPSN email security service is based on the industry leading Cisco / Ironport product. The service provides filtering for SPAM and Malware protection for email transactions.

SPAM protection is provided reputation filtering, which uses a central database to effectively determine the probability that the mail is spam, based on the past behaviour pattern of the sending IP address. If it is determined that the source has a reputation as a spam sender the connection is refused at a TCP level meaning that KPSN network resources are not utilised processing SPAM messaging. This technique stops around 90% of SPAM prior to actually passing through the devices for further policy and inspection.

Mail which passes this source reputation test is then subjected to conventional anti-spam filtering, based upon content, and links to know spamvertised sites, etc. Information regarding the source of mail which had up to this point been accepted but which is found to be spam is fed back to IronPort (along with data from their entire customer base) to be incorporated in the central database of sender reputation information, allowing it to rapidly reflect the change in status of compromised hosts, etc.

Malware protection is provided by a combination of industry anti-virus and IronPort specific outbreak filters triggered when unusual activity is observed. This allows mail to be held briefly pending the updating of filters and/or anti-malware definitions rather than delivered because the issue is too new to have precise anti-malware definitions available.

The product also has the capability to detect “marketing mail” – which users may have signed up to (so is not technically spam as it is not unsolicited). A policy decision can be applied on a per domain basis as to whether this should be delivered, discarded, quarantined (not delivered, but held and able to be released upon request) or flagged as marketing material but then delivered.

Further capabilities which can be optionally implemented include image analysis (detection of inappropriate content), email encryption, etc.

Service Levels

Service Deliverables Minimum Service Availability: 99.99%
Service Hours 24/7/365 (366 days in each leap year).


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