Technical Projects Officer

In this role I provide project management across the two teams along with other responsibilities. I am chiefly responsible for the extended rollout of Govroam, Eduroam and the KPSN Public Wi-Fi across the county. A nationally recognised service comprising more than 400 sites and winner of the iESE Certificate of Excellence 2018 and Silver Public Sector Transformation Award 2019.

My Govroam and work with the Kent GIS group has contributed to business continuity planning for upcoming possible disruptions. My focus being on the availability of connectivity for staff in the event of travel disruptions and the co-ordination of county wide data drills to assure data sharing between authorities that will support better responses during an incident.

I also undertake research projects. Recently I have conducted research into distributed ledger tech, business intelligence and open data opportunities, and Internet of Things emerging opportunities. Because of this research I have given interviews and talks both regionally and nationally.

I understand that utilising government data is the key to uncovering insight. One of my most useful developments has been the mapping of the KPSN infrastructure and site locations helping us plan changes, accurately demonstrate to stakeholders the scale and complexity of the network and occasional fault resolution uses. One key example is my mapping and research into Partner CCTV estates helped the creation of a new service offering and new business for KPSN to rationalise Partner CCTV connectivity over existing KPSN infrastructure.

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