The Kent Public Service Network offers a range of benefits to suit the needs of public, private, and not-for-profit organisations


Our small, dedicated team works exclusively for the Partnership, providing a personal bespoke service from on-boarding to incident management.  You can be confident of making the right choice; we are the interface managing suppliers who provide service, support and 24/7/365 monitoring.


Our resilient network benefits from the highest levels of security; preventing spam and viruses and blocking attacks.  The network is fully PSN compliant and CAS-T accredited.  Our security protocols also enable you to tailor your own corporate standards.

Governance and Decision Making

Partner organisations help shape KPSN by being part of our Management Board, voting where appropriate on policy decisions and the future needs of the network itself. You can choose how much involvement you want, and how much of a part you and your organisation would like to play, with our different membership levels.


As part of a Partnership, you will benefit from regular meetings, forums, and workshops at no extra cost, giving access to a range of experts in different fields such as Education, Health, and Local Authorities.

Pricing Model

As a not-for-profit Partnership, we aim to keep charges as low as possible whilst making provision for the future demands of the network.  Our pricing is based on the number of exchanges required, a contribution to our Core Network and full service-wrap including Service Desk, defined SLAs, Partner access to Solarwinds (network monitoring) and service reviews. 

Other services are available and charged as they are consumed (for example data centre hosting and voice services).  We believe this is the fairest way to offer value for money and allows organisations of any size to join us.

Who can join?

  • Health and Social Care Organisations
  • Emergency Services
  • Higher and Further Education establishments
  • Schools and Academies
  • Local and National Government
  • Private Sector organisations delivering public service in Kent
  • Kent and Medway voluntary and community organisations
  • Parish Councils
  • Local public services
  • Charities
  • Not for profit organisations

If you are not sure if your organisation qualifies, please ask us.

Still not sure?

We understand that not all enquirers of our services will be IT experts and whilst we have excellent technical managers, we have members of the team who will help explain our services in an easy-to-understand way.  Please call us or send us an email for an informal chat about what we offer and how we can support you and your organisation. 

Thank you for your interest in KPSN.