KPSN are constantly looking at how we can better support our Partners in the future, whether this be through new services or improving on our existing offering. Because of this constant desire to improve services and drive change, KPSN often have many projects underway.

Our current projects are listed below:


KPSN Wi-fi services

KPSN are improving on their Govroam and Eduroam success by expanding our Wi-Fi service offering. We are working to improve resiliency and capacity for both our Govroam and Eduroam implementations and are also working on delivering a Public Wi-Fi service.


Network improvements

KPSN are working on large scale improvements to the partnership WAN infrastructure. This will help improve resiliency and capacity in emergency situations, and also support future growth of the network as more public sector organisations move to KPSN.


CCTV Service Support

Many Local Authorities manage CCTV network across wide geographical areas. KPSN has been developing offerings alongside our suppliers to help with cost reductions to running CCTV services by utilising existing KPSN infrastructure in the area.


County Resilience Support

Resiliency is more important than ever to Kent organisations and KPSN are working hard to ensure that our services are up to the task of supporting our Partners during any eventuality.


SDWAN research

KPSN are always looking at new and emerging technologies that could help us better support our partners. Software Defined WAN is becoming more prevalent and KPSN are looking into opportunities this could bring to our services.


For more information on these projects and other KPSN news check out our News section.
Alternatively take a look at our existing KPSN service catalogue for more information on our long standing services.

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