Warning that Russian linked hackers threaten UK infrastructure

From BBC News - April 2023

Published 11 May 2023

The UK is not doing enough to protect its infrastructure from cyber threats, the head of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warned.

The NCSC also issued an official threat alert to critical businesses.

While addressing the CyberUK conference in Belfast on Wednesday, Lindy Cameron, the CEO of the NCSC, said the UK needs to have "resilience to all threats, whether they come from nation states or cyber criminals".

She went on to tell the audience: "If the UK is to be the safest place to live and work online, then resilience must urgently move to the top of our investment shopping list."

Officials are recommending that organisations, such as those behind the UK's energy and water supplies, "act now" to protect themselves against the emerging cyber threat.

The NCSC - which is part of UK cyber and intelligence agency GCHQ - says the hacking groups, which are often sympathetic to Russia's invasion in Ukraine, are ideologically-motivated.

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