KPSN Technical Group and Supplier Event

Objective: To reconnect as a partnership, have an in-person Technical Group followed by a select group of suppliers presenting in the afternoon.

Published 19 September 2023

Author: Chris Carlisle

Date: September 19th 2023

In a time where the convenience of MS Teams meetings outweighs meeting face to face it was a gamble for us to arrange an ‘in person’ event. It quickly became apparent by the number of responses across the partnership that we’d made the right decision. On the day we had 29 partner organisations join the event with 10 suppliers in the room. 

The morning session commenced with Stuart welcoming those in the room and to the remotely connected partners. The Technical Group session, presented by Natalie, is always a firm favourite with the partnership, a chance to get technical updates on what is happening within KPSN, understanding the roadmap and planned changes.

During the second Technical Group session we got to hear from the DUCL team which included, Service Delivery Manager, Pete Brooker, Senior Project Manager, Steve Dumigan and TDA, David Moore.  These updates are always relevant, on-point and interesting.

The morning session included an opportunity for partners to share their problems, project highlights and lessons learnt. The project updates are invaluable for the partnership as some partners may be on the same technical journey to undertake work in their own organisation. 

The afternoon was dedicated to four suppliers presenting to the partners. The suppliers were:

  • Juniper Networks – explained their place in the market and then showcased their Mist AI service.
  • Capita – presented their IOT solution for Net Zero adoption.
  • Trustmarque and Gamma – presented their telephony services and contact centre solutions.
  • Jisc – presented their security services that are available for all partners.

We would like to thank all partners who attended, both in person and remotely and to our suppliers who joined us on the day. The 10 suppliers in the room were:

  • Capita
  • Jisc
  • Khipu
  • Trustmarque
  • Gamma Telecom
  • Aruba Networks
  • Juniper Networks
  • Fortinet
  • Sota Datacentre Services
  • O2 Corporate Mobile

If you would like more information about any of the suppliers listed and their services, please contact me at 

The next KPSN event is being planned and will take place April/May 2024.