Local Authorities

Improvement Partnerships

Canterbury City Council | Dover District Council | Thanet District Council
EK Services EK Services is an award winning organisation working in partnership with Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council and Thanet District Council to deliver HR, ICT, Customer Services and Revenues and Benefits. KPSN Responsible Officers: Timo Bayford and Will Causton. Website: www.ekservices.org
Maidstone Borough Council | Swale Borough Council | Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Mid Kent Services The Mid Kent Services (MKS) is a partnership between Maidstone Borough Council, Swale Borough Council and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council which started in 2008. Working together they aim to improve and reduce the cost of services to residents across Mid Kent. The partnership is flexible enough to meet the needs of each partner, which ensures its long term future. Some projects and services involve all three boroughs, while some only involve two. Others involve neighbouring boroughs, for example; Ashford Borough Council is part of the shared Internal Audit service. Each partner leads the partnership for a year starting in September. KPSN Responsible Officers: Tony Bullock and Chris Woodward. Website: www.maidstone.gov.uk/council/about-the-council/mid-kent-services


Kent County Council |Kent Connects |Medway Council
Kent County CouncilKent County Council Logo


KPSN Responsible Officers: Michael Lloyd and Ricky Sahni. Website: www.kent.gov.uk

Kent ConnectsKent Connect Logo Kent Connects is a nationally recognised successful multi-agency Partnership of public service providers, comprising all Kent and Medway Councils, Kent Police, Kent Fire & Rescue Service, and South East Commissioning Support Unit (SECSU). Established in 2002 as an e-Government Partnership, Kent Connects is funded by its partner authorities. With IT as the backbone to most public service functions, technology is recognised as one of the keys to successful and efficient services. Kent Connects has already invested in a single, county wide IT infrastructure (both technology and people) to enable our partners to join up and share their service delivery mechanisms in a secure, robust and cost effective environment.

  • Their role is to tackle the barriers to the joining up and sharing of public services.
  • Their vision is to lead this transformation through the application of leading edge technology.

KPSN Responsible Officers: Ros Adby and Julie Johnson. Website: www.kentconnects.gov.uk

Medway Council KPSN Responsible Officer: Peter Good. Website: www.medway.gov.uk

Borough Councils

Ashford Borough Council |Dartford Borough Council |Gravesham Borough Council |Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council
Ashford Borough CouncilAshord BC Logo KPSN Responsible Officer: Robin Jones. Website: www.ashford.gov.uk
Dartford Borough CouncilDartford BC Logo KPSN Responsible Officers: David Munday. Website: http://www.dartford.gov.uk/
Gravesham Borough CouncilGravesend BC Logo KPSN Responsible Officers: Darren Everden and Ross Evans. Website: www.gravesham.gov.uk
Tonbridge & Malling Borough CouncilTonbridge and Malling Logo KPSN Responsible Officers: Darren Everden and Viv London. Website: www.tmbc.gov.uk

District Councils

Sevenoaks District Council |Shepway District Council
Sevenoaks District CouncilSevenoaks DC Logo KPSN Responsible Officer: Matt Mitchell. Website: www.sevenoaks.gov.uk
Shepway District CouncilShepway DC Logo KPSN Responsible Officer: Steve Makin. Website: www.shepway.gov.uk

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