• Excellent geographical coverage.
  • A single communications infrastructure already connecting public services in Kent and Medway.
  • Scalable to support transformation and the growth of digital services.
  • Direct connections to central government services such as PSN, HSCN and Jisc.
  • Efficiency savings.
  • Better online services for pupils, residents and customers.
  • Enables flexible, remote and mobile multi-agency working.
  • Excellent customer service and network availability – 99.99% or better.

Speed and Connectivity

KPSN offers high-speed carrier and business quality connectivity to any part of Kent and Medway.  KPSN is tackling the digital divide by offering services to organisations that otherwise struggle to obtain superfast broadband.

The Discovery Park in Sandwich is an example of how KPSN provides cost-effective connectivity to multiple organisations in a location that would not have attracted commercial interest.


Schools and local government continue to experience significant growth in internet use and KPSN continues to expand to meet this demand always ensuring headroom for digital growth and new partners.


Centralised firewalls and email filtering services protect the network.

KPSN complies with government standards for secure exchange of personal and sensitive data, connecting to GSi (Government Secure Intranet/Extranet). Its Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides each Partner with a separate and secure virtual network.

KPSN was awarded PSN Service Provider Status by CESG in December 2015. CESG is the UK government’s national technical authority for information assurance.


Dual 10 Gbps Jisc internet feeds ensure availability.

Partners have a choice of service level agreements to meet their needs and budget.

Our network service provider is contracted to deliver network availability of 99.9%.


KPSN services and products enable partners to reduce their travel costs and carbon footprint through video and audio conferencing and remote and mobile working.

KPSN’s single core network has reduced loadings on fibre networks leaving more capacity available for others to use.


The KPSN Partnership has continuously invested in research and new services, delivering a number of UK firsts.  Examples includes its partnership style of governance, its innovative service catalogue and its ‘aggregated gateway’ to GSi and PSN bringing further economies of scale.

KPSN also provides the only Multi Award Winning Govroam service in the UK and has been involved in the development and rollout of Govroam since its foundation.


With a single integrated network joined-up multi-agency working is easier and collaboration and information sharing more effective and secure.

Partnership with Higher Education has seen a reduction in internet costs of over 80%.

Local government shared ICT services are also reducing costs.

Savings and Efficiencies

KPSN provides greater capacity, reliability, functionality and customer service than lower quality broadband providers but at a similar cost.