Public Filtered Internet Services

Solution Overview

The Public Filtered Internet service is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the KPSN that provides internet access via the commercial internet feed (rather than the Jisc internet feed that most KPSN Partners use for normal internet access). The service uses private IP address space and sits behind a geographically separate pair of KPSN Supplier managed firewalls.

Sites and organisations using this internet connectivity option can do so either filtered or un-filtered. The filtered option uses a Lightspeed offering utilising captive portal. Users are directed from the captive portal page to a KPSN Partner sponsored system for authentication.

The users are required to be pre-populated into the KPSN Partner sponsored system prior to the users being able to use the filtered solution.

Additional Information

•The authentication of the solution does not provide an authentication mechanism for the Partner wireless LAN; if required that should be separate to this solution.
•The solution is capable of providing access for both wired and wireless connections.
•The filtered internet VPN will need to be provided to the sites where the connection is required, the costs associated with this should be scoped on an ad-hoc basis via the normal KPSN processes.

The head-end of the filtered internet solution presents on the shared KPSN firewalls located in the KPSN Core Network.

Filtering rules associated with this service are based upon blocking illegal content. An audit log is maintained for a minimum of six months to protect the host organisation providing the service.

Service Levels


Service Deliverables Minimum Service Availability: 99.99%
Service Hours 24/7/365 (366 days in Each leap year).


If you would like to find out more about this or any other services please please visit the following link: Contact KPSNA.