KPSN Known Accessibility Issues

As part of our commitment to accessibility we are required to publish where we know there are issues with our website.
This page exists to identify areas within the website that we know need work, or areas that we know are not accessible and how to still get the best out of the service. On this page we also explain what we are doing to rectify issues that have been found.
This page was last updated on 25/03/2019


Known Issues

This section describes all known accessibility issues on this website. This may not be an exhaustive list and if you find something that you believe should be on this list and is not please contact us using our contact us page or by email at


Website-wide Issues

The issues listed in this section are related to to the entire website and are often related to the template that it was built on.

Website-wide Issues
Issue Pages Affected
Links are not clearly visible. Currently links are not noticeably contrasted against plain text. All


Content Issues

The issues listed in this section are related to content on the website. This could be a blog post, document, or series of pages requesting information for example.

Content Issues
Issue Pages Affected
Not all links have clearly labelled link purposes All
Not all images used in content across the website have appropriate alternate text News Post, Service pages, Project pages
Some images contain pictures of text News Post, Service pages, Project pages
Some pages contain maps that provide location information that is not searchable by sight impaired or keyboard only users. Please contact us if you require assistance with this. News Post, Service pages, Project pages


Other Items

Often there will be other things that are identified that don’t fit into either of the categories above for a number of reasons. In this section we list all other parts of the website that we felt should be listed on this page but these may not always be something to worry about.

Other Items
Item Pages Affected
Some pages contain linked video content that does not have appropriate captioning or transcripts. This is sourced from a 3rd party and is not KPSN responsibility to amend however we are flagging it here and if you require this information please still contact us. Govroam page


What we are doing about it

Rest assured we are working to rectify these issues and currently have a remedial action plan in place to fix things. The summary of this is:

  • We are working with EiS, the supplier of the website to fix all of the issues listed here as is stated in contract we hold with them. This will allow us to fix issues that are caused by how the site was originally built.
  • We are also working with all of our staff who are responsible for content on the website, to train them in producing more accessible content and to improve all of the content already up on the site that has issues.


If you would like more detailed information on our assessments, or a more detailed look at the steps we are taking to fix a particular issue please contact us.


Tools and plugins to help your online experience

Explore some of our recommendations for browser plugins or free/freemium/commercial tools that can make your online experience better: tools for working efficiently online.


Something Missing?

If you think you have spotted something else that we should address please let us know; be as specific and detailed as you can. Please also tell us what you like and find useful.
You can contact us using our contact us page or by email at