Eduroam sites in Kent map

Kent has always seen enthusiastic collaboration between its Local Authorities and its Universities. KPSN has long standing relationships with Canterbury Christchurch University (CCCU), The University of Greenwich (UoG) and The University of Kent (UoK). The interests of the Universities are represented within the KPSN Partnership by the GOETEC consortium.

Following the main push for Govroam in Kent, KPSN and GOETEC established an agreement to improve collaboration between Local Authorities and the Universities through Govroam and the higher education sister service Eduroam, in an attempt to saturate connectivity for all users at as many sites as possible.

To accomplish this it was agreed that the Universities and Local Authorities would begin publishing Govroam and Eduroam simultaneously across sites to create seamless Wi-Fi connectivity between Higher Education and Local Authorities.

Kent Local Authorities have now enabled 208 sites with Govroam/Eduroam dual connectivity, including many schools, council buildings, drop in centres and 87 libraries across the county.

The three Universities have now published across more than 100 venues covering all campuses, including The Old Naval College campus in London, The University of Kent’s expansive Canterbury campus, Canterbury Christ Church’s campus and the shared Medway campuses.

The cost to the Universities and KPSN to establish the service amounted to less than £5,000. The breakdown of which was £3,600 investment by KPSN in hardware and the remainder a minimum amount of staff time to implement and publish the service.

This collaboration has already enabled several pieces of work and the growth of new relationships between the Universities and Local Authorities through seamless connectivity, including:

  • Engagement with the Kent Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Cyber Security (KIRCCS) – The Partnership is engaging with the KIRCCS to promote and share best practice, support research, and enable collaboration at government information security forums.
  • Enables Digital Inclusion Initiatives – Kent County Council is ensuring Kent Public Sector is ready for new Web Accessibility legislation coming into effect in September 2018. To meet these needs and ongoing challenges, KPSN is working with the University of Kent to resource and support this initiative. Shared connectivity coverage is enabling auditors to work seamlessly with Public Sector clients.
  • Supports recruitment relationships – Govroam supports Local Authorities’ visiting campuses as part of recruitment offerings and student placement opportunities in Kent, helping maintain the pipeline of ‘in demand’ skills in Kent from the local Universities into supporting Public Services.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) engagement – Facilitating easier meeting and collaboration for ongoing IoT investment opportunities. Enabling discussions between Local Authorities’ property services and business intelligence teams, and project leaders from the University of Kent.
  • Student ease of access at libraries – Enabling students to gain quick and easy access at Libraries across the county to support study for long distance and commuting students.



Kent Universities have many staff and students who are now able to access University resources from an increasing number of Eduroam access points across the County.

This enables many students from nursing, para-medical courses, teaching, criminal justice courses as well as those working as interns or on placements in Kent public services such as schools, hospitals and courts, and their supervising staff to be connected to their home University. Students can also make use of the local library to make a connection.

David Cheetham – General Manager, GOETEC
For more information about Govroam in Kent look at our Govroam page.