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During the heavy snow and serious disruptions during early 2017 many Kent Fire & Rescue staff along with KCC officers were working in Partnership to support a county wide response to the weather disruptions.

This collaboration was extremely successful, requiring co-located working between the two organisations during the incident. The response from officers involved was overwhelmingly positive with much praise being attributed to the robust IT infrastructure.

Members of staff reported that having the strong Govroam Wi-Fi connection helped support direct communications from KCC into Fire Control / Fire Duty Officer and maintained a professional working relationship between Partners during the incident.

Govroam will have a wider impact for resilience besides response co-ordination and will support all staff in locating nearby locations from which to work using the ‘Govroam Companion’ app during periods where travel is limited.



I was very pleased with the Govroam connection that was available to me over the three days at KCC.  The Wi-Fi was easy to connect to and allowed me full access to Kent Fire & Rescue Service IT applications, it was like I was working from a Kent Fire Office.
I have no worries about the next time I am requested to support KCC during an emergency due to the IT service available.

Michelle Cheyne – Senior Resilience Officer, Kent Resilience Team
For more information about Govroam in Kent look at our Govroam page.