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The Kent and Medway Safeguarding Adults Board (KMSAB) is a multi-agency Partnership which exists to help keep Kent and Medway’s adults safe from harm and protect their rights.

Over 2016/17 KMSAB have managed:

  • 10,666 safeguarding concerns reported
  • 40% increase in safeguarding referrals
  • Training 412 multi agency officers

The KMSAB is a vital function and in the past has relied on paper based services. They faced many challenges in supporting their multi-agency staff across multiple sites.

Govroam is helping to change this by providing seamless connection for the Board and their officers across the region. With improved connectivity KMSAB can now move away from paper based reporting as face to face meetings no longer require physical case records, improving their environmental impact and data protection.

Training of multi-agency staff and flexible working is also improved as social workers and other officers can now connect and work from a greater variety of sites with confidence.


We have a wide range of multi-agency teams so working across a number of sites is vital to our purpose to effectively safeguard.
Govroam will allow our Board and ‘on the ground’ officers to work flexibly and securely, with improved access, whilst reducing the need for paper files. This will make a massive difference to the way that we support adults at risk across Kent and Medway.

Deborah Stuart Angus – Independant Chair, Kent & Medway Safeguarding Adults Board

For more information about Govroam in Kent look at our Govroam page.